Snowboard boots ATOP lacing system

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  • Featuring an EVA foam and rubber padded outsole, to offer full underfoot cushioning and grab
  • 3D-shaped shoe’s tongue, providing consistent response and feel
  • Size range: EU 36-46
  • A liner designed for comfort and warmth
  • Equipped with ATOP lacing system, easy to use and dural


Snowboard boots ATOP lacing system

Pegasus Sports manufactures many kinds of products in the winter sports industry:  Snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, Snowboards, Skis, Ski goggles, Ski clothing, etc. And 10+ of  our partners are famous brands.  We can make all kinds of snowboard boots on the market:  Lace up snowboard boots, single BOA lacing snowboard boots, double BOA lacing snowboard boots, quick lace-up snowboard boots, etc.

  • ATOP lacing snowboard boots ;
  • 3D molding shoe tongue;
  • EVA foamed and rubber padded outsole;
  • Comfortable liner;
  • Universal for different kinds of bindings (Excluding step on bindings);
More for snowboard Boots: Tips for buying snowboard boot

Snowboard boots are the most important pieces of snowboard gear that you can have. It can really ruin your days on the slopes if you get one bad pair of snowboard boots.

To ensure a smooth, comfortable, and most importantly, safe ride, here are several tips on buying the boots.

The right sizes

Buy snowboard boots in the shops.  Different brands have little differences in the sizes of the boots,  It’s better to try them in the shops. If you buy the same brand you owned boots, please ignore it.

When you try on boots in the shop, do up the lace fully and stand up in the boots. Your toes should actually be touching the head of the liners. Avoid being too squished and having a gap. After several riding, it will fit perfectly.

Lacing System

There are four types of lacing systems for the boots. Traditional (laces), cable,

    BOA type, hook &  loop;

    Traditional lace snowboard boots are great. They tie up as regular laces do. If you break a lace. It’s easy to replace. But it’s slow to tie up and difficult to get it really tight.

    The cable lacing system and BOA lacing system are fast and you can get your laces fully tight. Some boots have double BOA, offering separate control of the bottom and top sections of the boots.  When cable and BOA lacing systems break down, it can be a pain to replace one.

    Hook & Loop systems usually are used on snowboard boots for kids. It’s fast and easy.

    Boots Flex: Soft or Stiff

    From soft to stiff, snowboard boots come in all different flexes. Depending on your riding type, carving and racing bros need stiffer boots to provide more ankle support and responsiveness between your boots and bindings. For playing tricks, jibbing and getting the snowboard positioned at different angles lovers, a softer boot is better. Do everything on your snowboard, have a medium flex boot.

    We’re proud to be your one-stop snowboard boots vendor in the future.

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